"Irish Kitchen Music from the home, the hearth, and the heart."

Pub songs, sing-a-longs, original songs and recitations, stories and ripping dance tunes from the deep tradition to our newly composed: from pounding on the tables to a tear in your beer.  Band leader, joHn Kennedy is not just a musician; he’s a storyteller who connects with the audience, making every performance an intimate gathering. 

The human voice, fiddle, whistles, the almighty tenor banjo, the guitar, bouzouki, bohdran, and bass, are our instruments.   Oops, every now and again, the kazoo.   

It’s been 25 years of laughter and tears.

OUR LATEST ALBUM: The Whiskey of Truth


"When listening to this music, I get an immediate feel of family and conviviality. This is the kind of music that you should be enjoying with friends, or family - the kind of record that makes everything more uplifting, colorful, and vibrant." - Celticradio.net

Read the full 5-Star review here: http://bit.ly/2lBPe8c


The Whiskey of Truth

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