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Kennedy’s Kitchen is family and friends, gathering every Thursday evening for dinner, laughter, and music rooted in traditional Irish Music, jigs, reels, hornpipes, recitations, stories, and songs… and adding their own compositions along the way. It's a mix of all things Irish from traditional to pub songs, from toe-tapping to deeply moving . . . and it's always fun. The band is lead by joHn Kennedy, award winning singer and guitar player. It's Kitchen Music from the home, the hearth, and the heart.

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Band Photo Playing - From Left: joHn Kennedy, Jacob Turner, Rob Weber, Theresa Kubiak, Chris O'Brien, Liam Ladewski - 963 KB
Band Photo Outside - From Left: Rob Weber, joHn Kennedy, Theresa Kubiak, Chris O'Brien, Liam Ladewski, Jacob Turner - 1.96 MB
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“To hear Kennedy’s Kitchen is to experience the heart of music, the culture of the songs being handed from musician to musician, the beauty of melody untouched by gimmick and the magic of this group of musicians coming together with one aim - to leave you, and them, breathless.  Then, on the the next song, they’ll have you partying and dancing as never before.  One of America’s best!” 
Tom Schaub, Entertainment Director, Michigan Irish Music Festival

"Kennedy's Kitchen delivered as promised! They were one of the nicest groups we have ever hosted. The concert was wonderful; the stories were entertaining, and the musicians were gracious. Who would have thought that a Sunday afternoon in the Kitchen could be so much fun!" 
Mary Jane Ormerod, Music Series Coordinator, First Presbyterian Church, Fort Wayne IN

In September 2006, The Kitchen shared equal billing with Tommy Makem at the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center at the University of Notre Dame.    
"Kennedy’s Kitchen, was excellent. They have a lovely traditional flavor, relaxed attitude, and a fantastic sound." 
A Tommy Makem fan, taken from the Makem guest site.

" 'A Pocketful Of Lint' contains some of the best traditional Irish music there is - plus some great original tunes and songs. The musicianship is outstanding.  A thoroughly entertaining CD - just what you'd expect from one of the top Irish bands in the Midwest.  Buy a copy - you'll be glad you did." 
Al Kniola, Host of The Back Porch, 88.1 WVPE Public Radio

"There is little doubt that when an audience taps their toes, claps their hands and sings along that they are enjoying the experience. Your group's cohesion and love of all things Irish was evident in your performance (March 3, 2012) . . . I have been coordinating the Friends of the Frankfort Library Concert Series for 15 years and this is one of my all time favorite shows. I received many positive comments indicating that Kennedy's Kitchen indeed met their goal of "bringing the audience into the kitchen where Irish music has been made for a thousand years. . . " 
​Andi Slipher, Concert Coordinator for The Elizabeth O'Rear Skanta Theater and The Friends of the Frankfort Library