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Short Bio

"Irish Kitchen Music from the home, the hearth, and the heart"     

Kennedy's Kitchen is family and friends, gathering for dinner, laughter and music since 1998, rooted in traditional Irish Music, jigs, reels, hornpipes, recitations, stories, songs… and adding our own compositions along the way.

Long Bio

Kennedy's Kitchen has been making music and telling stories together since 1998, everything from backyard birthday parties and weddings to concert halls and festivals.   We have released six CDs along the way, including our acclaimed 2019 release, The Whiskey of Truth, and our 2013 release, The Birds Upon The Trees, now with over 2.5 million streams on Spotify.  Our local home is the best public house in the lower 48,  Fiddler's Hearth, and you'll find us at Irish festivals such as Michigan Irish Fest, Milwaukee Irish Fest, The Celtic Classic in Bethlehem, PA, Erin Fest in Peoria, IL, Dayton Irish Fest in Dayton, OH, Chicago's Irish American Heritage Center Irish Fest, LaCrosse Irish Fest, and Osh Kosh Irish Fest.  We have a modern sound, deeply are rooted in traditional Irish music... jigs, reels, hornpipes, aires, stories, and songs; but it's all about having a good laugh, and if needed, a good cry.  Much of it is original: songs and recitations as well as newly composed jigs, reels, and aires. From toe-tapping to deeply moving, it's always fun. The band is lead by joHn Kennedy, award winning singer and guitar player. It's Kitchen Music from the home, the hearth, and the heart.

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