Electronic Press Kit

Short Bio

"Irish Kitchen Music from the home, the hearth, and the heart"     

Pub songs, sing-a-longs, original songs and recitations, stories and ripping dance tunes from the deep tradition to our newly composed: from pounding on the tables to a tear in your beer.  Band leader, joHn Kennedy is not just a musician; he’s a storyteller who connects with the audience, making every performance an intimate gathering. 

The human voice, fiddle, whistles, the almighty tenor banjo, the guitar, bouzouki, bohdran, and bass, are our instruments.   Oops, every now and again, the kazoo.   

It’s been 25 years of laughter and tears.

Long Bio

From concert halls and festivals to birthday parties and weddings Kennedy's Kitchen has been making music and telling stories together since 1998.   Six albums, including our acclaimed 2019 release, The Whiskey of Truth, and our 2013 release, The Birds Upon The Trees, now with over 4 million streams on Spotify.  Our local home is the best public house in the lower 48,  Fiddler's Hearth, and you'll find us at Irish festivals such as Michigan Irish Music Festival, Milwaukee Irish Fest, The Celtic Classic in Bethlehem, PA, Erin Feis in Peoria, IL, Dayton Irish Fest in Dayton, OH, Chicago's Irish American Heritage Center Irish Fest, LaCrosse Irish Fest, and Osh Kosh Irish Fest.  We have a modern sound, deeply rooted in traditional Irish music... jigs, reels, hornpipes, aires, stories, and songs; but it's all about having a good laugh, and if needed, a good cry.  Much of it is original: songs and recitations as well as newly composed jigs, reels, and aires. From toe-tapping to deeply moving, and, Oh!, the harmonies.


 "Sonically beautiful, soulfully engaging, virtuosity, original, remarkably funny, and at times profoundly moving.  Kennedy’s Kitchen’s music, and joHn’s storytelling shares the graceful art of bringing everyone together—into the kitchen where traditional Irish music is at it’s best.   joHn voice is an extraordinarily rich melodic baritone, and the harmonies with Chris O' and Joel Cooper.  It's familiar, and yet ancient, something that reaches  back into what’s best in human beings.  The band’s reverence for tradition is both remarkable and spell-binding, a sound that is uniquely their own, both modern and very old.  "
George Shricker, Founder and Director of The Wild Rose Moon, and The Wild Rose Moon Radio Hour

One of America’s best!”  Kennedy’s Kitchen is at heart of Irish music, songs and melody handed from musician to musician, untouched by gimmick, leaving you, and them, breathless.  On the the next song, you are laughing, dancing, singing a-long.  
Tom Schaub, Entertainment Director, Michigan Irish Music Festival

“We had such a great time with Kennedy’s Kitchen. The virtuosity of the musicians paired with great storytelling made our audience feel immediately ‘at home.’ It’s an authentic slice of Irish Americana….transporting audiences to a simpler time with folk music for the soul. A tighter, more authentic ensemble is hard to be found, homespun yet original in their approach. Recommended at any time of the year, but especially during the high season for celebrating Irish culture and heritage.”   
Tom Robbins,  Executive Director, Heritage Center for the Performing Arts, University of Dubuque

"Kennedy's Kitchen delivered as promised! They were one of the nicest groups we have ever hosted. The concert was wonderful; the stories were entertaining, and the musicians were extraordinary and gracious. Who would have thought that a Sunday afternoon in the Kitchen could be so much fun!" 
Mary Jane Ormerod, Music Series Coordinator, First Presbyterian Church, Fort Wayne IN

In September 2006, The Kitchen shared equal billing with Tommy Makem at the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center at the University of Notre Dame.    
"Kennedy’s Kitchen, was excellent. They have a lovely traditional flavor, relaxed attitude, and a fantastic sound." 
A Tommy Makem fan, taken from the Makem guest site.