From the recording Music in the Glen

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Ripley's (Bob Harke)

What does Ripley have to do with the Smokies, the reason leaves my mind all confused. It is nature, or culture that captures the people; or do you think we're just being used. (insert personal opinion here)

At the base of the mountain the people converge, not seeing the trees for the lights. The hotels, the attractions and Ripley's big news leaves us helplessly wandering the night. Oh the town's full of people with no place to go; they're searching the shops on each floor. To bring home a treasure: it seems that way know, but when they get home they'll wonder what for.

Oh our place is high up on the end of the road, built on the side of the hill, overlooking the mountains, all hazy and blue, a retreat from the valley's big mill.
On the trees at night we catidid's singing, instead of the confusion we left down belwo. It the wonder of nature that gives us this choice as we retreat to our chalet alone.